To become a member of the Wyoming Association of REALTORS®, potential members must belong to a local board, the state association (WAR) and the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). Fees are as follows:

Businesses located within Wyoming must join through a local board. Please click on the Local Board Offices link to find a board in your area.

Businesses located out of state may join WAR as a State Affiliate. The annual membership fee is $50. You may download an application form.


Varies with each board. Click here for contact information for each board.
$305 per calendar year. These dues are prorated unless you were a member in the previous calendar year.
$155 per calendar year. These dues are prorated. There is an $80 fee prorated monthly and the standard $35 Assessment Fee. The local board AE or Board Secretary can handle membership in all three organizations at the local level. Contact your board of choice.
At-Large membership is available only to those who do not have a local board in their jurisdiction. Annual dues are $75 plus the prorated State and National dues. Review the Wyoming district map to determine if you are eligible to join as an At-Large member. If you qualify to join as an At-Large member, you may download the At-Large Membership Application.
Anyone who is a primary member of a local board, a state association and the National Association of REALTORS® in another state and holds a Wyoming license may join WAR as a secondary member. ALL members of an office who hold a Wyoming license must join as a secondary member. Cost of membership is $305 per calendar year (prorated), per person in the office who holds a Wyoming license. To join, email the Wyoming Association of REALTORS® at
Affiliate Membership is for businesses with an interest in real estate who want to enhance the industry for REALTORS® by providing different services and venues (banks, title companies, mortgage companies, construction companies, home improvement companies, etc.).